Always Ultra – No Stain For Up To 8 Hours – Extra Large – 7 Pads


Brand: Always


Always pad night!!! Be attentive to know that mostly sixty percent of the women wear the wrong sanitary pads?? But you must know that the always pads are the best protection and source of comfort for you?? Do you know a always pad that fits properly provides you with the period protection you need. Every pad is in a unique size and has a unique menstrual flow.  So in addition to this our online store wants to help the women to find their best pads. However in order to help the female to make the best selection from our range of products, our online store has prepared an easy sizing chart for you to use. All the always pads products are designed to fit different body shapes and sizes. These products provide you the protection for all types of period flows (from a light flow to a very heavy flow). No matter you prefer a sanitary pad with wings or without wings, thick pads Always Maxi pads or thin pads (Always InfinityAlways Radiant, and Always Ultra Thin, or day or overnight protection, there are several options of pads to choose from to fit your shape and flow.

Always pad night by provides you the best pads that stay dry and protected with always ultrathin long Night sanitary pads. They are especially designed for enhanced coverage, ALWAYS Ultra-Thin Long Night pads keep you protected all throughout the night for a long night. All of these pads contains a supper absorbent gel that give 100% protection against the overnight leakage. These feminine products are also protects the female from the stains up to eight hours.  Because they contain blue protection zones and wings with 6 stretch zones, so you can sleep easy with stay-put protection and long-lasting dryness.

Characteristics of always pad night

  • 8 hours stains free
  • 100% protection against leakage due to the supper absorbent gel
  • Blue protection zones keep you protected every way you move
  • It wings with 6 stretch zones help the pad stay in place
  • The dry top layer for clean and dry protection throughout the night



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